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November 15, 2017

Reasons to Choose Paintless Dent Removal

Reasons to Choose Paintless Dent Removal Rocky Mountain Dent DenverAt Rocky Mountain Dent we would like to share with you a few reasons to choose paintless dent removal over traditional dent repair services. Most people do not know any of these or even that paintless dent removal exists as an option over traditional methods. Take a look at what we have outlined here to determine if your vehicle could qualify for paintless dent removal instead of the costly norm of conventional dent repair.

Quick Turnaround

Typically, your car will only be in the shop one day or part of a day. That’s one of the big reasons to choose paintless dent removal. This is opposed to about a week on average for traditional dent repair services that involve an entire re-do on your vehicle’s paint job in the spot damaged. The difference is drastic! With conventional dent repair, the spot must be sanded, pounded out, filled in with putty, smoothed, inspected with a straight line tool, sanded again, primed, a base coat applied and a final coat applied. That's quite a process! With paintless dent removal, much less is required to get your vehicle back to beautiful again!


There is a vast difference in the price point for dent work between paintless and traditional. Because the labor is so much less with paintless dent removal, it costs less. It’s that simple! You can use your hard earned money on other things than fixing dents when you choose paintless.

Original Quality

Because paintless dent removal requires no painting, there will never be the chance that the new paint color is not exactly the same as the original. Save yourself the hassles of being disappointed with the results and expense of traditional dent repair and save your original factory paint. If the dents on your car qualify, you will skip all of the drawbacks and get straight to the positives results. The original quality of the paint job and the body will be maintained, hence better resale value when that time comes. Its win-win with paintless dent removal!

Reduced Environmental Impact

More and more people care about our environment and participate in the ways they can to make a difference for the better. With paintless dent removal, there’s no chemicals or paint used in the process, so it is easier on our planet than the traditional use of primers, paints, and other chemicals. This is just more reason to choose paintless dent removal over the more complex and not so earth friendly dent repair process.

As you can see, there are quite a few reasons to choose paintless dent removal for your vehicle. If the fixable dents are present, it is indeed the best way to go, saving you money, time, and ensuring the integrity of your car’s body. Come by and see us at Rocky Mountain Dent Service in Denver for reliable, affordable and quality paintless dent removal. We always provide excellent results for our clients, no matter the year, make or model of your car.

October 15, 2017

Thinking About Paintless Dent Repair?

Thinking About Paintless Dent Repair? Rocky Mountain Dent DenverHere’s some information that the team at Rocky Mountain Dent Service have put together for those thinking about paintless dent repair. The technology, while not capable of repairing every type of damage the body of your car might sustain, can work astonishing magic in the right situation – as well as faster and at a lower cost than repainting.

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

If you’ve never heard the term paintless dent repair (PDR) before, you may be wondering what it entails. It is a technique in which specialized equipment is used to remove dents and dings by accessing the back side of the vehicle’s body. 

The PDR technique focuses on gently pushing the metal back out using specific tools and a method that takes time to master. There’s no fillers used, and no sanding or painting. Your factory finish remains intact and the project is complete in less time than typical repair. 

How effective is it?

If you’re thinking about paintless dent repair, rest assured that it’s extremely effective in the right circumstances. As long as the technician can get behind the metal, paintless dent repair can be used to repair a minor dent or ding. A good technician (like our team of experts) can make that dent disappear as though it were never there in the first place! 

How long do you have to wait?

The whole process can be very quick. We’re usually able to complete repairs in just one day! If the damage is extensive, we’ll obviously need more time to complete the repair, but we virtually never need more than four days to finish the job. Longer turnaround times are usually reserved for situations requiring widespread hail damage repair

Is it expensive?

Paintless dent repair is relatively inexpensive when compared to traditional repair techniques. Some companies offer paintless dent repair insurance, but it isn’t necessary to purchase it. You would have to ding your car several times during the active period to justify spending the money on insurance. 

Should you opt for Paintless Dent Repair?

We recommend using paintless dent repair whenever possible. Not only will the restoration happen faster, but it will also be less expensive and probably even look better than when using traditional techniques. 

Is it a good do-it-yourself project?

Not really. It might sound easy but to properly repair dents and dings (especially to make them disappear entirely) takes specialized equipment and personnel. Our technicians are highly trained and qualified to perform paintless dent repair effectively. It’s also relatively inexpensive, and if you try to do it yourself, you could potentially cause further damage and end up with a bigger bill in the long run.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about the benefits of this dent repair technique. If you’re still thinking about paintless dent repair, give us a call here at Rocky Mountain Dent Service. Our highly trained technicians are happy to examine your car and advise you on the best way to repair your car and get it looking new again.

September 14, 2017

Preventing Car Dents, Dings and Scratches

Preventing Car Dents, Dings and ScratchesPreventing car dents, dings and scratches is actually not as difficult as one would think! Just check out these tips from Rocky Mountain Dent Service in Denver, Colorado. If you keep these suggestions in mind when parking your vehicle, you are more likely to avoid having your car look like it joined in a tennis match. 

Walk a little more

Park in the farthest reaches of the parking lot, where nobody likes to park. You’ll have to walk farther, of course, to get to your destination, but your car will be safer, and you’ll get some exercise, so it’s a win-win situation! Do this even when it’s inconvenient because the one time you don’t will be the time somebody puts a dent in your car with their door. 

Choose your neighbor wisely

It’s better to park next to a small car for the obvious reason that there will be more space between the vehicles. It’s also better to choose a spot next to a nice car, a vintage car or a sports car. People with cars in these categories are generally more conscientious about not damaging someone else’s car when they open their doors. Avoid minivans. We know it’s a stereotype, but it’s generally true. Minivans usually have kids in them, and kids are not always paying attention to what they’re doing. 

Don’t let other people park your car

Valets and parking garage attendants are more concerned with parking your car quickly than they are with keeping it dent-free. While they won’t deliberately harm your vehicle, they also won’t take as good care of it as you will. Taking a extra few minutes to park your own car is big step in preventing car dents, dings and scratches. 

Choose “safer” parking spots

Always be on the lookout for parking spots that limit the risk of receiving dents and dings. Choose street spots over parking lots as it’s more likely that someone will ding your car opening their door alongside you than that they will hit you while parking. Even if they do, they’ll probably nick your bumper which is easier to fix. 

End spots are also great for the obvious reason that only one side is at risk for car dents and dings. Spots next to handicapped ones are great too as the wider space makes a good buffer zone. Plus, they usually remain empty. Avoid parking in spots that are marked for compact cars only. These are very narrow and don’t allow for any cushion room around the vehicle. Parking next to or between posts and columns is also good, as they’ll protect your car – as long as you don’t hit them while backing out! 

These are some helpful tips for preventing car dents, dings and scratches but even when you put forth your best effort, sometimes these things happen. If your vehicle does show up one day with a dent or ding, count on the experts at Rocky Mountain Dent Service to repair your car and get it looking like the damage never even happened.

August 14, 2017

Maximize Trade-In Value with Paintless Dent Repair

Maximize Trade-In Value with Paintless Dent RepairDid you know that you can maximize trade-in value with paintless dent repair? Rocky Mountain Dent Service in Denver, Colorado can help you get the full value out of your vehicle when you want to sell it by utilizing this great technology to rid your vehicle of the minor dents and dings that come with regular vehicle use.

Cars are notorious for not holding their value very well. Most people are aware that when buying a new car, that car loses about 20% of its value, just by driving off the lot. It’s disheartening when you think about it, especially when you consider how much money you put into buying it.

Unlike a piece of land, house, or undertaking a home improvement project, purchasing a vehicle is one of the major investments that most of us make knowing that we will lose on it. Of course, vehicles are extremely useful, and you can comfort yourself with that fact, but it’s still frustrating that cars depreciate so quickly. We absolutely get it.

So, with the already not so great outlook on the resale value, it is nice to know that there is something you can do to maximize on that investment. Whether you are taking a vehicle in for trade-in or trying to sell it yourself, aesthetics like minor car dents and dings are important. Of course, mechanical issues and mileage are huge factors not to be ignored, but human beings are naturally drawn to things that look good, so take advantage of that.

Even if you have a vehicle that runs like a dream, has no mechanical issues, and maybe even has a lot of new parts, appraisers will knock a significant amount off the selling price if the car exterior has a few dings or dents. Dings and dents are just a part of vehicle ownership. Short of keeping your vehicle locked in a garage all the time and never using it, there is little you can do, to prevent this type of everyday wear and tear.

So, when it comes time to sell that car, one of the best ways to maximize your trade-in value is to have those dents repaired with the paintless dent repair service we offer here at Rocky Mountain Dent Service. This is an inexpensive and extremely easy way to improve your car’s appearance and bump your resale value back up. Another great tip is to have your car thoroughly cleaned and maybe even professionally detailed. Again, it doesn't have anything to do with the usefulness of the car but pleasing the human eye is important and can earn you extra several hundred dollars for the sale.

We hope this article about how to maximize trade-in value with paintless dent repair has been informative. If you have any questions or are wondering what the numbers work out to, feel free to talk to one of our experts here at Rocky Mountain Dent Service. We can explain more in detail how useful paintless dent repair can be and give you a quote for your vehicle. You’ll be amazed at the difference!

July 15, 2017

A Colorado Vehicle's Greatest Enemy, Hail

a Colorado vehicle’s greatest enemy, hailA Colorado vehicle’s greatest enemy, hail. Call us melodramatic here at Rocky Mountain Dent Services, but we’ve seen the aftermath of a storm to know that hail is a true threat for vehicles and the owners wanting to restore them back to dent-free condition. If the balls of hail are big enough, vehicles simply are not strong enough to withstand the beating they often take. 

What is Hail?

Let’s take one step back and make sure that we’re all on the same page. Most people probably already know what hail is and the car dents it can create, but just in case here’s a quick explanation. Hail is basically frozen rain that can range from small pellets to large balls of ice, golf ball size and up. 

How is Hail Made?

Water condenses and freezes around specks of dust or something similar high up in the atmosphere. The one little drop of water with which it starts begins colliding with other drops of water and freezing them on contact, thus growing larger.

Thunderstorms have strong updrafts that can either maintain a piece of hail in relatively the same spot or cause it to travel up and down within the cloud. Regardless of which method forms the hailstone, once it gets so heavy that the storm can no longer maintain it up in the sky, it falls to earth. With strong updrafts, hail can grow to a surprisingly large size before hurtling down towards earth to strike anything in its path and put hail dents in your vehicle. 

How Fast Does Hail Fall?

It is difficult to determine the rate at which hail falls. It can never reach terminal velocity because it is constantly bumping into other hailstones and raindrops, and the wind, friction, and melting all have an effect. Plus, terminal velocity is calculated based on a perfect sphere, but a hailstone is highly irregular! 

Where Does It Hail the Most?

In the United States, there is an area known as “hail alley” where the three states Nebraska, Wyoming and, of course, Colorado come together. We are the lucky recipients of between 7 and 9 good hailstorms every year. Hail is also frequently seen in northern Italy, parts of Russia, China, and India. 

How Big Does Hail Get?

Generally, hail ranges from pea-sized to marble-sized (about ¼ inch to ½ inch). This type of hail is not too dangerous and causes repairable hail damage. However, hail in our area can easily start getting over an inch in diameter, which is usually when it starts causing damage, and can get up to around 4 ½ inches in diameter. Hail that large is obviously quite serious and is extremely dangerous to people (and of course cars).

So now you’ve gotten to know a Colorado vehicle’s greatest enemy, hail. If hail is in the forecast, try to get your vehicle to a covered space as quickly as possible. But, if you do get stuck out in a storm, know that Rocky Mountain Dent Services has a paintless dent repair option that is both economical and efficient at restoring your vehicle to its previous condition. Call us today for more information!


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Benefits of Paintless Dent Removal

  • Fraction of the price of conventional repair
  • Most PDRs completed in just 1-4 days
  • Uses advanced tools for fewer body repairs
  • Retains your vehicle's factory finish
  • Uses an environmentally friendly process
  • Reduces the need for replacement parts


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