The Advantages of Paintless Dent Repair

Advantages of Paintless Dent RepairThere are quite a few advantages of paintless dent repair, but at Rocky Mountain Dent in Denver, we know that many people are not aware of what exactly these benefits are. Often when people are faced with fixing a dent in their vehicle, they decide not even to try to get it fixed because they assume it will be an expensive repair. They’ve heard the stories about having to replace an entire section of the car and repaint and do all this expensive bodywork for a little bitty dent and so decide it’s not worth it without even bothering to ask about the price.

However, that’s where one of the biggest advantages of paintless dent repair comes into play. For dents that qualify, which most un-creased small dents do, the work is simple, quick and inexpensive. Paintless dent repair works on many different types of dents whether they are caused by hail, shopping carts, or even minor collisions. If in doubt, just bring your car by the shop, and one of our experts can give you an idea of what the price tag might be. Who knows? You just might be pleasantly surprised.

So what are all the advantages of paintless dent repair? Let’s take a look.

  • It’s fast. Traditional dent repair can involve a lot of grinding, replacing, hammering the metal out and repainting that could take a week or more. Paintless dent repair can be completed in as little as one day.
  • It’s inexpensive. We’ve already touched on this a bit, but just the reduction in labor alone gives you an idea of how much you will be saving.
  • It keeps your vehicle’s original finish. No worries about matching the color of your paint exactly and get it to fit in with the rest of the car.
  • The process is environmentally friendly.
  • The advanced tools used allow for fewer body repairs.
  • The process reduces the need for replacement parts

When you contact us for dent repair, we are happy to help with some of the other headaches that come with car repairs. For example, our staff will help you figure out the insurance and offers both assistance and advocacy during the claims process. Our staff is experienced in dealing with all types of insurance companies and that is one notorious headache less when you have us to help with the process.  Plus, we provide a warranty on all of our dent removal services for as long as you own your vehicle. That’s what we call real peace of mind.

Now that you better understand the advantages of paintless dent repair, we encourage you to reach out to us here at Rocky Mountain Dent in Denver. Even if you have an older dent that you’ve been avoiding repairing because you didn’t want to deal with the expense or inconvenience, we can probably still help with our paintless dent repair process. Just stop by today and talk to one of our expert representatives to get an idea of what your options might be.

How to Protect Your Car During Colorado Hail

How to Protect Your Car During Colorado HailHere at Rocky Mountain Dent Service, our goal is to keep you and your vehicle safe, so let’s discuss how to protect your car during Colorado hail. We know that defending your vehicle from hail damage can prove to be a challenge sometimes, it’s a rather unpredictable phenomenon, but we hope that with these tips you can lower your risk substantially.

If You Are at Home

With the regular occurrence of about 3 or 4 devastating hail storms every year in the Denver, Colorado area, this is not something you can just “take your chances” with and hope hail damage to your car will never happen. If you live in this area, you should have a garage or covered parking area for your vehicle.

Be in the habit of storing your car in your garage or covered area just in case. However, during hail season it is even more important! Also, keep an eye on the forecast and when a hail storm is brewing be sure to store your vehicle safely. If you don’t have a safe area for your car, you can at least cover it with thick blankets to protect it as much as possible. The hood, roof, and trunk are the most vulnerable to dents and damage, and you should ensure that they are the areas most protected.

If You Are on the Road

It may happen that a storm comes along and you are out on the road and not able to get your car safely into its garage. You should not drive while the hail is falling, both for your safety as well as there is less chance of damaging your vehicle if it is stationary.

If you can, seek shelter under an overpass or at a covered gas station or another covered area. It is not a good idea to find shelter under a tree as it could fall on your car. If no good cover is available nearby, pull over and try to angle your car so that the sturdier glass of the windshield is taking the brunt rather than the weaker back and side windows.

Stay inside your car where you will be safer, but be aware of the possibility of a window getting broken. Position yourself with your face and head as far from the windows as possible. It’s a good idea to store a blanket in your car that you can use to cover yourself if you get stuck in this type of a situation.

Once the hail stops falling, and you can safely exit the vehicle, check your vehicle for any damage before driving off. Pay close attention to the lights to make sure you can drive safely. If you suspect any major issues, call for a tow instead of trying to limp it home. If not, you could damage your car further.

Even if you know how to protect your car during Colorado hail season, there may come an unfortunate day when you are unable to avoid dreaded hail damage. Don’t worry, just contact us or give us a call at Rocky Mountain Dent Service. With reasonable prices and a dedicated staff of dent removal specialists, we’ll do our best to get you vehicle looking it’s best again.

Does Insurance Cover Hail Damage to My Car?

Does Insurance Cover Hail Damage to My Car?Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, does insurance cover hail damage to my car? Rocky Mountain Dent Service in Denver knows it may not be top of mind until your vehicle gets stuck in a hailstorm and you have all those annoying little dings to contend with. That’s why we’ve put together the information you need to know about car insurance and hail damage.

The short answer is maybe yes, maybe no. Okay, we know that probably isn’t the most helpful thing we’ve ever said but read on and we will explain under what circumstances you will be able to use your car insurance to help pay for hail damage repairs. Though hail may not leave deep dents, it tends to leave a lot of them–driving up the repair bill quickly.

Hail Coverage

To determine does insurance cover hail damage to my car, you need to get out or download your policy and see what your plan covers. If you have liability-only coverage, the unfortunate news is that it will not pay for hail damage. If, however, you opted to include comprehensive coverage then it’s your lucky day. The insurance company will help pay for dent repairs.

Something to note is that comprehensive coverage must have already been on your vehicle at the time the damage occurred. Also, sometimes when a hurricane or heavy storm is projected in the forecast, insurance companies will put a hold on adding comprehensive coverage to your policy until the threat has passed. So, it’s generally a good idea not to try to play the odds. If you want to ensure that you have hail coverage, just add comprehensive coverage to your policy and keep it there.


Again, your deductible depends on the type of policy chosen. Some policies have a zero-deductible option, but you have to pay a higher premium to secure that. Many companies, however, require at least a certain amount for a deductible. Whatever deductible amount chosen, the cost of hail damage repairs almost always costs more than that, so it is still to your benefit to have coverage.

Totaling the vehicle

Another question that comes up frequently is if hail damage can total a vehicle and the answer is yes, it can quite quickly. Depending on the value of the car, hail damage repairs can exceed the value of the car itself and make it not worth fixing.

Here at Rocky Mountain Dent Service, we help a lot of people who didn’t find out until it was too late does insurance cover hail damage to my car? This is why recommend always garaging your vehicle if you live in a hail-prone area, especially if your car is particularly valuable. There is nothing more frustrating than a random freak storm causing such a headache for you. Also, be sure to add comprehensive coverage to your policy, even if you have to pay more of a deductible. It will still be worth it in the end.

Ready to get rid of those unsightly hail dents? Call or contact us today for more information.

Paintless Dent Repair Can Save Time and Money

Paintless Dent Repair Can Save Time and MoneyHere at Rocky Mountain Dent Service in Denver, we know that your time is valuable and you work hard for your money. That’s why, along with more traditional repair services, we provide customers with a far more efficient option. Paintless dent repair can save time and money, enabling you to get your car back faster and keep more money in your pocket.

So, what makes paintless dent repair so quick and cost effective? First, let’s take a look at traditional techniques to understand the difference.

When you bring your car in for a standard dent repair, the job can often expand and become tedious. A portion of the car’s body must be removed, and once the dent is repaired, it then needs to be sanded, repainted and the car reassembled. If it gets difficult to make the new paint match the original finish, the repair shop may end up having to repaint an entire section instead of just where the little ding was.

Now imagine you have several little dings from getting stuck in a hailstorm. It’s possible that you’ll pay for a much larger paint job even though the dents are shallow and didn’t even scratch your paint. That’s the beauty of paintless dent repair. In cases where the damage is minor and paint hasn’t been affected, it’s possible to fix the dent without having to repaint.

How is it that paintless dent repair can save time and money? Well, our specially trained technicians use specially designed tools to gently push the metal back into place from the back of the car’s body panel. This doesn’t affect anything on the front or cause any unnecessary damage to the paint.

This method drastically reduces the amount of time that your car is stuck in the shop by skipping the steps requiring sanding and painting and possibly repainting a broader section to better match colors. In turn, this reduces your repair bill. But don’t just take our word for it. Ask a car insurance company about paintless dent repair. They love it because it helps keep their payouts down after a hailstorm.

Unfortunately, paintless dent repair can’t be used in all situations. As we’ve mentioned before, the paint must be undamaged for this process to work. Plus, it depends on where the dent is located. There are some areas of the car that the tools simply can’t reach.

One more factor is the material that the car is made of. Older cars tend to be made of steel which is an easier material to work with for this process. Newer cars are more commonly made of aluminum and plastic. In some cases, it is still possible to use this method, but it usually takes a bit longer as more care should be taken to get the job done right.

Of course, choosing a reputable company like Rocky Mountain Dent Service in Denver will significantly improve the chances of a successful dent repair. There is no doubt about it, paintless dent repair can save time and money, so you should always use a shop that offers this option. Want to see if that dent you’ve been living with can be fixed by our experts? Call or contact us today for an appointment.

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

What is Paintless Dent Repair?You find a nasty ding in your car and need to decide just what to do about it. Maybe come see Rocky Mountain Dent Service here in Denver. Maybe call it “character” and spare yourself the expense and time that you assume it will take for a fix. Here, we would like to change your perspective on what it takes to get your car back into pristine shape by explaining what is paintless dent repair.

Paintless dent repair is a great option for fixing small dents and blemishes. It costs a fraction of the price of traditional repairs and can be completed in as little as 1 day. We don’t want you to settle for driving a dinged-up car, so let’s first talk about what factors that will determine the success of this type of repair.

  1. Intact paint. For paintless dent repair to be successful, the original paint must still be intact. In other words, if whatever caused the ding also scratched the metal, the process won’t work well.
  1. Paint flexibility. The paint needs to have enough flexibility that the technician can move the metal back into place without causing the paint to split or crack. Most modern-day finishes are flexible enough to allow for this technique.
  1. Extent the metal is If the dent is very deep, or if the damage is a sharp crease, paintless dent repair will probably not work very well. Excessively stretched out metal cannot return effectively to where it was before without damaging the paint as well. However, even large dents that are shallow make good candidates for this repair process.

To perform the repair, the technician will first access the area where the dent is located by removing vehicle panels and trim.

They will then use a variety of metal rods and body picks to gently push the metal back out from the inside. They way also apply pressure to the underside of the dent and carefully massage things back into shape. Dents can even be pulled out from the outside using glue and specially designed tabs.

Once the metal is mostly back into place, the fine tuning begins. This detailed process requires qualified professionals and true attention to detail. The metal must be carefully tapped down to eliminate high spots – technicians may also expertly incorporate them into an orange peel paint texture.

The key is not to overwork things, which can cause the clear coat to end up splitting or cracking. That’s why you need someone who knows precisely what they’re doing and has honed their craft.

Here at Rocky Mountain Dent Service in Denver, we’re always ready to answer questions about what is paintless dent repair. We know that you don’t want to be without your ride for very long, so our process is quick and our prices are reasonable. We can even help with insurance paperwork, as well as provide financial assistance for your deductible and a rental car if needed. For more information and to schedule an appointment, call or contact us today.

Colorado Hail Statistics

Colorado Hail StatisticsHere at Rocky Mountain Dent Service, we numerous vehicles that come in with hail damage, everything from minor dents and dings to broken windows and torn up interiors from shattered glass. Let’s take a look at some Colorado hail statistics, and we’ll also give you some tips for protecting yourself and your property from this inconvenient damage.

Living in Colorado means rain and intense hail storms are inevitable and, unfortunately, they can cause quite a bit of damage. Since 1984, Colorado has seen ten hailstorms that resulted in several hundred million dollars of damage. In the last ten years alone, the costs add up to more than $3 billion.

On average, Colorado receives about 3 or 4 “catastrophic” (defined as causing at least $25 million in insured damages) each year. Most of that damage occurs within the Denver metro area, which makes sense as it is more densely populated and there is more property to damage.

Of course, it’s a no-brainer that if you live in this area, you should make sure to include hail coverage in your homeowner’s insurance. While most policies include it automatically, but always check to be sure. Also, it’s a smart idea to always maintain comprehensive coverage on any vehicles that you own, even if it’s paid off and you can switch to state minimums. Comprehensive coverage is the type of car insurance that will cover hailstorms.

While you should never go out in a storm and risk injuring yourself to save your property, you also don’t have to sit idly by and watch the damages pile up. A lot of entirely preventable damage occurs after the hail stops falling.

Once it is safe, go out and assess the damage in your yard. If your plants and bushes are missing a lot of leaves or branches and you see that patio covers, screens, and other materials are dented, then there is a good chance that your roof is damaged. If possible, take a look and cover any holes or broken windows to minimize water damage from rain. Also, check to see if the hail has broken any of your car windows. Cover them up and carefully clean out the broken glass to avoid damaging your vehicle’s interior.

Also, talk with your insurance company right away. Snapping a few pictures of the damage before you clean anything up is a good idea. Save receipts for what you spend on repairs so that you can show them to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Make sure you always choose reputable companies like Rocky Mountain Dent Service when having your property repaired. It’s not uncommon for out-of-town scammers to come in after big storms, take your money, and skip town leaving your repairs half-done. Scamming is common with dent repair and roofing companies, so be on the lookout.

Chances are that if you’ve lived in Colorado for any period of time you’ve already experienced one or more of our infamous hailstorms. Every year, from about mid-April to mid-August, we’ve got to be on alert to keep ourselves and our property safe when they hit. Hailstorms are just a part of life here in Colorado, but by taking the appropriate steps, you can minimize the negative impact they can have.

Insurance News: Colorado Springs “Hail Bomb” Storm Carries $352.8 Million Insurance Price Tag

2016 Colorado Springs Hail StormAt Rocky Mountain Dent Service Inc., we are all too familiar with the catastrophic effects a hailstorm can have in the Denver area and throughout Colorado. We always see a surge of cars coming in for dent repair after big storms. And if you haven’t heard the latest, here’s a headline regarding a recent episode, “Insurance News: Colorado Springs “Hail Bomb” Storm Carries $352.8 Million Insurance Price Tag”.

That’s right, with more than 84,500 insurance claims filed to date, the storm that passed through here at the end of July threw down golf and tennis ball-sized pieces of hail on Colorado Springs. This figure ranks the storm as Colorado Springs’ 4th most costly hailstorm (accounting for inflation and estimating in 2015 dollars it ranks 6th).

Regardless of where it ranks, it caused millions of dollars in damages. The Rocky Mountain Dent Service team wants our customers to be aware of what measures they should have in place to make sure their property is protected from Mother Nature’s next violent episode. It’s essential to know what you can do ahead of time to safeguard your property defend your finances from any unwelcome surprises.

First and foremost, check your vehicle’s insurance policy to know what items are covered and how much coverage you have. You don’t want to go along thinking that you have everything taken care of and then find out you did not buy enough coverage when the next hailstorm strikes. Your best case scenario is to maintain comprehensive coverage, which protects you in case of water, fire, hail or wind damage.

You should also take a look at your deductible, which is what you’ll pay out of pocket. If you’ve hiked it up to $1,000 or more to reduce your monthly payment, just know that you’ll need to come up with that dollar amount to repair your hail damage before insurance kicks in. If you don’t have that kind of money just hanging around in your bank account, you may want to rethink your coverage.

While you’re looking into auto insurance, be sure to check your homeowner’s policy as well. Typically, you’ll have coverage for wind, hail, and fire. However, water damage is under a separate flood policy, so it’s always a good idea to know what you have and adjust as needed.

Needless to say, the next time you’re thinking about going cheap on insurance, just remember the headline, “Insurance News: Colorado Springs “Hail Bomb” Storm Carries $352.8 Million Insurance Price Tag”. While the monthly payments may be higher, you’ll be thankful for great coverage when the sky starts raining down tennis ball-sized chunks of ice.

And if your car experiences damage from a storm, be sure to bring it to Rocky Mountain Dent Service. We will work our magic to restore it to its pre-hailstorm condition, using a paintless dent repair system that removes dents quickly and inexpensively. We’ll even help you with insurance forms, claims and your out-of-pocket deductible. Call or visit us today for more information.

Aurora Colorado Car Dent Repair Service

Aurora Colorado Car Dent Repair ServiceIt’s an unfortunate fact that we get the occasional hailstorm in this part of the country and vehicle owners have to be on their toes to keep their cars safe. But, it’s not always preventable so in Aurora, Colorado, car dent repair service is simply essential. Actually we should say that good car dent repair service is essential, because there are lots of companies but not everyone is good at what they do. Not so with Rocky Mountain Dent Service Inc. We proudly state that our Aurora, Colorado car dent repair service is top notch and we offer the best solutions for your car dent problems.

We use a unique process called paintless dent repair that keeps the time your car is in the shop at a minimum and keeps your bill much lower as well. Plus we offer a guarantee that your dents won’t return. Also, in some cases, we help you with insurance paperwork, a rental car, deductible assistance, and service with a smile. Sometimes once everything is all said and done you don’t even have any out of pocket expense. What more can you ask for in an Aurora, Colorado car dent repair service?

What causes hail anyway?

What causes hail anyway?If you have lived anywhere near Denver, Colorado for any length of time you have probably seen the effects of a nasty hail storm. You may have even experienced first-hand what a hailstorm can do to a vehicle caught out in it. Maybe you’ve even visited us here at Rocky Mountain Dent Service Inc. because of that unfortunate experience. But have you ever stopped and wondered, what causes hail anyway? Is not it a bit incredible that such great big chunks of ice can come hurtling down out of the sky? As frustrating as the effects of hail can be, the fact that it exists is just another testament to the incredible beauty and power of the world in which we live.

So, what causes hail? It’s fairly simple. First, there needs to be a thunderstorm going on high up in the atmosphere. It can not be just any thunderstorm, though, it needs to have strongly tilted updrafts of air churning within the storm. In order to get that you need to have a highly unstable mass of air created by temperatures falling off much more sharply than normal, in relation to its height. This unstable air is what produces those strong updrafts needed to keep the forming hailstones from falling to the ground. Amazingly enough, sometimes those updrafts can get up to about 60 mph or even more, depending on the strength of the storm and variance in temperature.

Then water begins to condense around a speck of dust or some other random particle high up in the atmosphere, and when it gets pushed up above the freezing line, it turns to ice. As it picks up more water, it gets heavier and starts to fall. Then, the hail finds itself in another of those updrafts and goes back up again. The more this happens, the bigger the ice ball gets, until finally it is too heavy for the updraft to lift back up or it moves to a different spot and bypasses the updraft completely on its way to earth. Hopefully, it makes it directly to the ground and does not hit your car or damage your house in the process.

Depending on where you are, hail usually never gets big enough to cause extensive damage to homes and businesses, just maybe a few dings along the top of your car. Luckily that is easy enough to fix with a quick trip to Rocky Mountain Dent Service Inc. We’ll use our paintless dent process to get your car looking new again before you know it. Sometimes, however, hail can get big enough to be deadly. One of the worst hail disasters ever happened in India in 1888, and over 250 people died either immediately or later from injuries inflicted by large chunks of hail. So to be on the safe side, when you hear about a hailstorm in the forecast it is best to get yourself and your vehicle to a safe covered area for the duration of the storm.

Hail Damage Repair Aurora Colorado

Colorado is a beautiful place to live and its residents are active people that enjoy the beauty of nature that is all around. Unfortunately, however, once in a while nature betrays us and sends our way epic hail storms that are terrible and beautiful and leave our cars with big dents if we were unable to make it to shelter in time. This means that good hail damage repair in Aurora, Colorado is absolutely invaluable to keep our cars looking shiny and new. The good news is that we, the friendly folks at Rocky Mountain Dent Service Inc., offer top notch hail damage repair in Aurora, Colorado that won’t break the bank and in many cases even leaves you with the original finish on your car.

We offer a paintless dent repair process that is fast, efficient and the dents are guaranteed not to reappear ever again–that is unless you get caught in another hailstorm, but then they would be new dents. Most of the time we can have your car repaired in 1-4 days and our excellent customer service even helps you out with insurance paperwork. So check out our hail damage repair in Aurora, Colorado today!