Insurance News: Colorado Springs “Hail Bomb” Storm Carries $352.8 Million Insurance Price Tag

2016 Colorado Springs Hail StormAt Rocky Mountain Dent Service Inc., we are all too familiar with the catastrophic effects a hailstorm can have in the Denver area and throughout Colorado. We always see a surge of cars coming in for dent repair after big storms. And if you haven’t heard the latest, here’s a headline regarding a recent episode, “Insurance News: Colorado Springs “Hail Bomb” Storm Carries $352.8 Million Insurance Price Tag”.

That’s right, with more than 84,500 insurance claims filed to date, the storm that passed through here at the end of July threw down golf and tennis ball-sized pieces of hail on Colorado Springs. This figure ranks the storm as Colorado Springs’ 4th most costly hailstorm (accounting for inflation and estimating in 2015 dollars it ranks 6th).

Regardless of where it ranks, it caused millions of dollars in damages. The Rocky Mountain Dent Service team wants our customers to be aware of what measures they should have in place to make sure their property is protected from Mother Nature’s next violent episode. It’s essential to know what you can do ahead of time to safeguard your property defend your finances from any unwelcome surprises.

First and foremost, check your vehicle’s insurance policy to know what items are covered and how much coverage you have. You don’t want to go along thinking that you have everything taken care of and then find out you did not buy enough coverage when the next hailstorm strikes. Your best case scenario is to maintain comprehensive coverage, which protects you in case of water, fire, hail or wind damage.

You should also take a look at your deductible, which is what you’ll pay out of pocket. If you’ve hiked it up to $1,000 or more to reduce your monthly payment, just know that you’ll need to come up with that dollar amount to repair your hail damage before insurance kicks in. If you don’t have that kind of money just hanging around in your bank account, you may want to rethink your coverage.

While you’re looking into auto insurance, be sure to check your homeowner’s policy as well. Typically, you’ll have coverage for wind, hail, and fire. However, water damage is under a separate flood policy, so it’s always a good idea to know what you have and adjust as needed.

Needless to say, the next time you’re thinking about going cheap on insurance, just remember the headline, “Insurance News: Colorado Springs “Hail Bomb” Storm Carries $352.8 Million Insurance Price Tag”. While the monthly payments may be higher, you’ll be thankful for great coverage when the sky starts raining down tennis ball-sized chunks of ice.

And if your car experiences damage from a storm, be sure to bring it to Rocky Mountain Dent Service. We will work our magic to restore it to its pre-hailstorm condition, using a paintless dent repair system that removes dents quickly and inexpensively. We’ll even help you with insurance forms, claims and your out-of-pocket deductible. Call or visit us today for more information.

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