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Within the pages of our dent removal blog you’ll find helpful articles and interesting insights about everything that’s related to hail damage and paintless dent repair.

Hail dents can be removed with painless dent repair

Car dents give rise to rust

You may have been caught in a hailstorm or had a shopping cart collide with your car in the parking lot. The result is the same: dents. Unfortunately, if the dent has compromised the paint sealant, rust is inevitable. Maybe it’s no problem if you have an old junker. But if you have a late-model…
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Dangers of using DIY dent removal methods

A danger of DIY dent repair

If your vehicle suffers a fairly minor dent, you’ll appreciate that it’s best to repair it quickly before further – often unseen – damage can be caused. It might seem a minor matter – something you can deal with yourself, using a DIY kit. However, undertaking such a course of action can lead to further…
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Dent removal hand tool

More ways to avoid dents

In a recent blog, we identified tight parking and shopping trolleys as potential causes of dents. Here are three more situations to avoid… Areas where groups of kids (or adults) get together to play ball games. These might be actual courts or pitches, or simply an available space. Under or close to trees – especially…
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Preventing vehicle dents in parking lots

A pair of sensible parking strategies to avoid dents

Dents happen – sometimes unavoidably. However, here are a couple of tips to help reduce the chances of them happening to your car… Avoid tight parking paces. Having an extra fifty yards to walk to the mall entrance from a quiet part of the car park is better than desperately squeezing into a closer space…
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Dent removal for all types of vehicles

How a single dent can ruin a vehicle and your wallet…

It’s hard to imagine that a single dent from hail, shopping cart or other source can ruin your vehicle. Yet, drivers see it happen more often than most people realize. An untreated dent that hasn’t damaged the vehicle’s protective coating and paint eventually weakens both. Moisture, salt and harsh chemicals from rain and icy winter…
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Dent in hood Rocky Mountain Dent Service Denver CO

What can paintless dent repair fix?

Dents happen. You return to your car after grocery shopping and find one in your door, or your car gets caught in a hailstorm. Don’t worry, paintless dent repair is perfect for removing small dents where the paint is still intact. It is non-invasive and can be done on both aluminum and steel body panels.…
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Have your car looking like new with dent removal

Don’t ignore your car’s dent

It’s impossible to avoid dents on your vehicle as hail damage, a car collision, or a stray shopping cart can all inflict damage on your bodywork. However, never give in to the temptation of ignoring dents in your car. Unrepaired dents can: Encourage rust to develop Lower the resale value of your vehicle Affect your…
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Paintless dents removal from cars

Why you should get professional paintless dent removal services

So, your vehicle was damaged in an accident or by a hail storm, and you need paintless dent repair (PDR) services. Do you go with a cheap auto shop, or do you find a professional that guarantees quality work? Although cheap paintless dent repair services can save you money, it can cost you more in…
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Removal of minor dents and dings is our specialty at Rocky Mountain Dent

Don’t make these paintless dent removal mistakes

Finding a dent on your car can be incredibly annoying as it affects your vehicle’s overall appearance and decreases its value. Luckily, you can get paintless dent repair services to eliminate any dents and dings on your car. Unfortunately, many car owners make dent removal mistakes that cost them in the long run. These include:…
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Polishing repairs back to the original shine

Unlike antiques, your car should not be ‘weathered’

When people take a piece of antique furniture for repair, they often want it to retain the signs of having been used – ‘weathered’ if you like. This can add to the story of a much-loved piece of family history. Each scratch and dent can tell a story, or bring back a memory, either of…
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Removal and repair of dents and dings

Dent repair: Not your normal type of massage

You might enjoy a massage to help you de-stress. Often, though, massage is about easing out those aches and pains of everyday living. So, how does that apply when your vehicle suffers dent damage? Just as someone skilled in massage aims to ease out those knots in the muscles of your body, then a talented…
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Dent removal hand tool

It’s not painless dent removal but…

…it does take a lot of the angst out of the process. We mention this because we do get the occasional request for ‘painless dent removal’! A simple misread, yes, but with the provision, if necessary, of a free rental car (we pay your deductible) and zero out of pocket expenses, the agony is certainly…
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