Paintless dents removal from cars

Thinking of selling your vehicle?

If it has suffered any previous misfortunes, say from hail damage, or has other noticeable dings – this could put a dent in the price you’ll be able to sell it for. Luckily, your vehicle might well benefit from PDR, paintless dent repair, that can help restore its original style and pre-damage appearance. This is…
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Removal and repair of dents and dings

Looking up ‘dent’ in the dictionary

It’s amazing how, when you look up a word in the dictionary, the meaning and alternatives offered can prove to be so useful for accurate descriptions. Take ‘dent’. Alternatives include dimple, dip, depression, hollow and crater – and these do pretty well at emphasizing that dents come in all shapes and sizes, and degrees of…
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Paintless dent removal from my car

6 Paintless dent repair benefits that you probably don’t know

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a technique that helps to remove dents from a car. A PDR expert uses a unique tool to locate the dent then fix it to return the vehicle to its original shape. Below are 6 PDR benefits that you probably don’t know. -PDR is more cost-effective than traditional dent repair.…
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Dent in hood Rocky Mountain Dent Service Denver CO

Factors that determine car dent removal costs

We all want our cars to maintain their original showroom look. However, no matter how careful you are in your vehicle, it will, at some point, get a dent. For instance, a careless driver can hit your car in a parking lot, leaving a huge dent. Your vehicle can also get unsightly dents due to…
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Rental car assistance

How does dent removal actually work?

Although every repair job is unique, generally there are three stages to a dent removal process. Firstly, the technician needs to gain access to the reverse side of any damaged panel, as dent removal is carried out from the inside. The second stage is to choose the most effective tools – a true dent removal…
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Tips to protect your car against dents

Sometimes it may seem like the world is against your new vehicle. Everywhere you turn there is another chance for a dent to mess up your car’s perfect exterior. Here are a few tips to help keep your vehicle dent-free. If possible, park in a garage or covered parking during bad weather. Invest in a…
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Problems drivers create with DIY dent repairs

Many vehicle owners love to get their hands dirty by performing home-based vehicle maintenance and repairs. There’s nothing wrong with working on a car, truck or SUV at home. That said, drivers should never perform hail damage repairs. Consider the following problems drivers create when they attempt do-it-yourself dent fixes: – Paint cracks: One of…
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Blue car with extensive hail damage

All About Paintless Dent Removal

Here is a review of the paintless dent removal process by Rocky Mountain Dent Services in Denver. It’s a bit like surgery for your car’s exterior. A highly skilled specialist uses precise implements for a minimally invasive, yet delicate procedure to reach the desired result, a dent-free vehicle. To understand the process, we wanted to share a…
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