hail damaged vehicles in Denver this summer

So Many Hail Stones This Summer In Denver

Hailstones, those icy projectiles falling from the sky during severe thunderstorms, are fascinating and potentially damaging natural phenomena. These solid ice balls are formed within powerful storms where strong updrafts carry raindrops into extremely cold areas of the atmosphere, causing them to freeze and accumulate layers of ice. The size of hailstones can vary significantly,…
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Large amount of hail damage can be removed

Oh Hail, No

Our professional, paintless dent repair services can get your vehicle in and out of the shop fast, without sacrificing quality. We even have the experience and expertise to work with your insurance carrier on a claim and offer options where there are zero out of pocket costs. You probably don’t know that hail damage insurance…
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Dent removal hand tool

Why use Paintless dent repair

Often when people are faced with fixing a dent in their vehicle, they decide not even to try to get it fixed because they assume it will be an expensive repair. They’ve heard the stories about having to replace an entire section of the car and repaint and do all this expensive bodywork for a…
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Removal of minor dents and dings is our specialty at Rocky Mountain Dent

Paintless dent repair service

Dealing with the wrath of Mother Nature can be quite expensive. If your car is hit by hailstones, chances are it will lead to several small dents. Rather than letting this damage reduce the appeal of your vehicle, you need to think about hiring professionals to perform paintless dent repair. Read below to find out…
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Lifetime warranty on all dent removal services

Dent repair before selling your car

Unlike a piece of land, house, or undertaking a home improvement project, purchasing a vehicle is one of the major investments that most of us make knowing that we will lose on it. Of course, vehicles are extremely useful, and you can comfort yourself with that fact, but it’s still frustrating that cars depreciate so…
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Dangers of using DIY dent removal methods

Don’t DIY your car dents

There’s nothing wrong with working on a car, truck, or SUV at home. That said, drivers should never perform hail damage repairs. Consider the following problems drivers create when they attempt do-it-yourself dent fixes: Paint cracks: One of the most common side effects of DIY repair is unsightly damage to a vehicle’s paint that can…
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Dent removal hand tool

Paintless dent repair saves time and money

How long will you be without your car just to fix a dent? How much is it going to cost? Is it really worth the time and money to get it taken care of? Stop asking those questions and getting frustrated every morning, instead seek out the best paintless dent repair shop in Colorado. Rocky…
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Removal and repair of dents and dings

Common Causes of Vehicle Dents

We all know that hail will shower our cars in dents, and that we at Rocky Mountain Dent, will fix that damage. But we also fix damages caused by other sources too. Knowing some of the most common causes of dents will help you avoid them in the future. Saving your car and your wallet…
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Paintless dent removal services Denver

Paintless dent repair guide

Here is a short review of the paintless dent removal process by Rocky Mountain Dent Services in Denver. It’s a bit like surgery for your car’s exterior. To understand the process, we wanted to share a quick review of what is involved and perhaps clear up some misconceptions. Take a look below to get a better idea…
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