Dangers of using DIY dent removal methods

Avoiding DIY dent removal

Imagine you own a valuable vase and it has suffered an unfortunate accident resulting in a series of cracks and chips. You’d want it repaired by a professional because you’d notice the difference if you tried to do it yourself. It’s the same with the dents and dings that can happen to another valuable asset…
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Common parking lot dings

How to avoid dents on your car

It’s vital to have your car in a good state, considering the huge investment you made when purchasing it. However, as a car owner, it is typical to expect dents and scratches on your car. You can easily prevent this by performing proper maintenance and care of your vehicle. Here are a few tips on…
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Dent removal for all types of vehicles

Follow our proactive plan to protect your vehicle from dents and dings

Every now and then, we like to provide tips that can help drivers protect their vehicles from various events that commonly cause dents and dings. Consider implementing the following plan as soon as possible: Use a garage or carport during bad weather and at night to prevent hail damage. Invest in cameras so that you…
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Paintless dents removal from cars

Simple ways of fixing a dent on your car

At times, you may be too busy to get your car fixed by a mechanic due to a dent. Luckily if you’re handy with tools you can try and repair the dent before seeking professional services later on. However, it’s advisable to always have dents repaired by an experienced contractor, since they’re more reliable. Here…
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Large dents from hail

How to prevent hail damage

The weather varies in most states, with some having arid climates and others having tropical ones. But one type of weather that many states experience is hail. There have been 94 reports of hail in Denver Colorado this year. Hail can range in size from the size of a coin to the size of a…
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Polishing repairs back to the original shine

What would you expect from a dent removal company?

If your vehicle needs to have dents removed, you’d surely expect: A swift and professional service to get your vehicle back on the road A lifetime warranty fully covering any dent removal service work Help in dealing with insurance companies Expert assistance during any claims process It’s certainly a frustrating time, whether your vehicle is…
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We are the dent removal experts

Pros and cons of paintless dent repair

When you have a dent in your car, you will want to cover it up. However, having it painted over can be problematic. Instead, you should consider the pros and cons of paintless dent repair. There are more reasons to have this done than not to. One of them is that the repair job can…
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Removal and repair of dents and dings

Even if your vehicle hasn’t been hit by Mjölnir

If you don’t recognize the word, it’s the name of Thor’s hammer. So, the damage might be a ding or a dent, rather than hammer-based destruction, but there’s more… …Thor is also the Norse god of thunder and weather. So, we bet he enjoys wreaking a bit of havoc here and there by employing his…
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Paintless dents removal from cars

Thinking of selling your vehicle?

If it has suffered any previous misfortunes, say from hail damage, or has other noticeable dings – this could put a dent in the price you’ll be able to sell it for. Luckily, your vehicle might well benefit from PDR, paintless dent repair, that can help restore its original style and pre-damage appearance. This is…
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