Hail damage repairs

Here comes hail season

May through September strikes fear in every front range Colorado resident…It’s hail season time. Did you know that the front range is called “Hail Alley” because of the frequency and intensity of the hailstorms in this area? If you’ve lived here for any length of time, you know that these reports are not exaggerated. The…
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Paintless dent removal services Denver

Paintless dent removal in Denver

The professionals at Rocky Mountain Dent provides the Denver metro area with superb customer service and paintless dent repair. You’ve got dings and dents, so many that you’ve lost count and you just don’t know who to use for car dent removal.   At Rocky Mountain Dent, we work with all insurance companies. We are tops…
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We are the dent removal experts

Paintless Dent Repair

Although every repair job is unique, generally there are three stages to a dent removal process. Firstly, the technician needs to gain access to the reverse side of any damaged panel, as dent removal is carried out from the inside. The second stage is to choose the most effective tools – a true dent removal…
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Environmentally safe dent removal in Denver

Paintless dent repair (PDR), why it works

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a technique that helps to remove dents from a car. A PDR expert uses a unique tool to locate the dent then fix it to return the vehicle to its original shape. PDR is more cost-effective than traditional dent repair. PDR does not require sanding, repainting, or body fillers. Older…
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Removal of minor dents and dings is our specialty at Rocky Mountain Dent

Why is my car a dent magnet

It’s vital to have your car in a good state, considering the huge investment you made when purchasing it. However, as a car owner, it is typical to expect dents and scratches on your car. You can easily prevent this by performing proper maintenance and care of your vehicle. Here are a few tips on…
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Polishing repairs back to the original shine

Keeping your car free of dents and dings

Every now and then, we like to provide tips that can help drivers protect their vehicles from various events that commonly cause dents and dings. Consider implementing the following plan as soon as possible: Use a garage or carport during bad weather and at night to prevent hail damage. Invest in cameras so that you…
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Dent removal for all types of vehicles

Thinking of selling your car?

If you are, then you’ll want it to look its best. Cleaning and polishing is part of it – but how about dent removal? Even sorting out some hail damage repair work can add greatly to the favorable impression you’d want to give to potential buyers. The fact is that, if you have even a…
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Dent removal hand tool

Demystifying paintless dent repair

Many people assume that because paintless dent repair (PDR) is normally quicker and less expensive than traditional repair work, the quality is sub-standard, and its uses are limited. Wrong! Paintless dent repair is a permanent solution. The technique actually reshapes the car’s metal and brings it back to its original strength. The dents do not…
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Paintless dent removal services Denver

Does your car need a massage?

This sounds like a weird question to ask, but it is part of our paintless dent repair process. This is carried out on the reverse side of the damaged area. So, our team’s first task is to remove any vehicle panels or trims to gain clear access to the dent or ding. This is where…
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