Dangers of using DIY dent removal methods

Don’t DIY your car dents

There’s nothing wrong with working on a car, truck, or SUV at home. That said, drivers should never perform hail damage repairs. Consider the following problems drivers create when they attempt do-it-yourself dent fixes:

  • Paint cracks: One of the most common side effects of DIY repair is unsightly damage to a vehicle’s paint that can eventually lead to the body rusting.
  • Large bubbles: Some DIYers pull out dents too far, creating large, deformed bubbles that they can’t push back into a flat state without the help of a professional.
  • Weak surfaces: Pulling and pushing on a dent can result in the area becoming weakened and less structurally sound. Worse yet, the repair might fail and the dent pop back into position.
  • Wasted time: Many repairs require the temporary removal of a lot of parts. Some DIYers fail to discover this fact until they’ve wasted time trying to pull out a dent or push it up and out from the interior side.

Our experienced team at Rocky Mountain Dent Service offers inexpensive dent repair solutions so vehicle owners never have to resort to performing hail damage repairs on their own. We know all the most professionally trusted paintless dent repair methods and tricks. Contact one of our knowledgeable technicians today for more details or to schedule an appointment.

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