Removal and repair of dents and dings

3 types of dents your vehicle might get

Whether it be from someone parking too closely and banging their door on your car, or hail damage, there are many different types of dents that your car can receive. Here is an overview of them:

  • Creased dents

Creased dents happen when something is dragged against or scratches the side of a vehicle.

  • Extreme dents

Extreme dents happen when something collides into your vehicle. Sometimes extreme dents can happen just from someone leaning against the car. However, even some of the most extreme dents can still be repaired.

  • Sharp dents

Sharp dents happen when something small like another car door or something blown by the wind hits your vehicle with a great impact.

In the past dents were repaired by fixing the dent and then painting over it, which lowers the value of the vehicle. Rocky Mountain Dent Service offers paintless dent repair services. If you need hail damage repair or any other kind of dent repair, contact Rocky Mountain Dent Service today.

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