Auto Dent Repair Aurora

In a perfect world we would all drive impeccable cars that have no dings or other blemishes. But, this isn’t a perfect world so every now and again we end up with a ding or dent on the side of the car. However, Rocky Mountain Dent Service, Inc. is the next best thing to perfect when it comes to auto dent repair in and around Aurora, Colorado. We use an innovative paintless dent removal system that minimizes the impact on the environment and performs an auto dent repair that will leave your vehicle looking like new and just as strong as it was before it was damaged. Our system also minimizes the necessity for replacement parts, extra painting, and minimizes additional body repairs.

We offer three types of auto dent repair ranging from only our paintless dent removal system to a combination of our system with body repair and/or replacement parts. If the damage is too extensive, paintless dent removal will not be as effective but by using a combination of methods we can minimize costs and still get your vehicle back in the condition it was before. So if you have an unsightly dent in the side of your call, now you know who to call!

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