Removal and repair of dents and dings

Even if your vehicle hasn’t been hit by Mjölnir

If you don’t recognize the word, it’s the name of Thor’s hammer. So, the damage might be a ding or a dent, rather than hammer-based destruction, but there’s more…

…Thor is also the Norse god of thunder and weather. So, we bet he enjoys wreaking a bit of havoc here and there by employing his Coloradan winter tactics!

The point we’re really making is that the seemingly minor injury your car suffered during the better weather – the one you kept meaning to get fixed – can suffer a lot more in this harsh, and getting harsher, season.

So, it’s time to get it sorted. And that means calling 720-728-1889 and setting the Rocky Mountain Dent Service team to work on your behalf. We are hail damage repair and paintless dent repair specialists – based, not in Asgard, but conveniently right here in Denver…

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