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Factors that determine car dent removal costs

We all want our cars to maintain their original showroom look. However, no matter how careful you are in your vehicle, it will, at some point, get a dent. For instance, a careless driver can hit your car in a parking lot, leaving a huge dent. Your vehicle can also get unsightly dents due to hail damage. But how much does car dent removal cost? Below are the main factors that determine car dent removal costs.

Location of the dent

Some dents are easy to access, while others require more time and specialized tools to locate. Dents that are difficult to access cost more to repair than those that are easy to access.

Size of the dent

Larger dents are more expensive to fix because they consume more time and resources to fix.

Depth of the dent

A deep and uneven dent requires special tools to fix. It also takes more time to remove the dent. The deeper the cut, the higher the cost of removal.

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