Dent removal for all types of vehicles

How a single dent can ruin a vehicle and your wallet…

It’s hard to imagine that a single dent from hail, shopping cart or other source can ruin your vehicle. Yet, drivers see it happen more often than most people realize.

  • An untreated dent that hasn’t damaged the vehicle’s protective coating and paint eventually weakens both.
  • Moisture, salt and harsh chemicals from rain and icy winter road treatments creep into the cracks.
  • A rust spot forms just below the surface and then grows over time as it corrodes the metal.
  • The corrosive elements drip into other areas of the vehicle, such as under the hood or above a wheel.
  • Other parts corrode and break and/or cause a single or multivehicle accident that requires expensive repairs.

At Rocky Mountain Dents, our hail damage repair services guarantee that our Denver customers don’t have to experience these problems. We use paintless dent repair tools to quickly restore a dented surface to its original condition. Contact us today for more details.

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