Large dents from hail

How to prevent hail damage

The weather varies in most states, with some having arid climates and others having tropical ones. But one type of weather that many states experience is hail. There have been 94 reports of hail in Denver Colorado this year. Hail can range in size from the size of a coin to the size of a golf ball. Some hail can even get as large as a baseball. But no matter the size, hail can cause damage to many things, especially vehicles.

To prevent hail damage, you should try to park in a covered area. You can also use surrounding buildings for protection if you don’t have covered parking. Covering your car with secured blankets or floor mats might help prevent damage, as well.

However, if your vehicle does incur hail damage, call or see us at Rocky Mountain Dent Service and let us be your hail damage repair specialists!

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