Paintless Dent Repair Aurora Colorado

If your vehicle has one or more minor dings or dents that drive you crazy every time you see them, paintless dent repair in Aurora, Colorado could be the answer to your problem. Using this process, we here at Rocky Mountain Dent Service Inc. are able to keep costs down and still permanently repair your vehicle without confiscating your vehicle for days on end. Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not. When we offer paintless dent repair in Aurora, Colorado typically this is what you get–of course depending on the extent of the damage–only 1-4 days in the shop, dents removed and guaranteed never to reappear, help with your insurance claim and even deductible assistance, and rental car assistance.

We are able to do all this with paintless dent repair in Aurora, Colorado because the process limits the amount of excess body repair that often has to be done. We are even often able to completely preserve the original finish of your car! By massaging the metal back into place from the back side we reduce the necessity for replacement parts and so the price and the time in the shop goes way down.

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