Large dents from hail

Protect your car from damage during a hailstorm

There are numerous ways that you can prevent your vehicle from being damaged by hail during a storm:

  1. Plan Ahead

If you’ll be planning a trip away from home, be sure that you take the time to put a car cover over your vehicle. If you’ll be driving, you may want to adjust your route or plan to reschedule your trip for when you won’t be driving through a severe thunderstorm with hail.

  1. Be Safe During Storms

If you do get caught out in a thunderstorm when it’s hailing, do your best to park your car under a bridge or in a covered parking garage, so that you can avoid exposing your vehicle to hailstones.

  1. Purchase Insurance

Thunderstorms with hail are a thing that happen every year in many climates. It’s important that you carry insurance on your vehicle if you live in an area where these types of storms occur. This way if you do wind up needing car hail damage repair, it will be paid for.

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