Paintless dent removal services Denver

Does your car need a massage?

This sounds like a weird question to ask, but it is part of our paintless dent repair process. This is carried out on the reverse side of the damaged area. So, our team’s first task is to remove any vehicle panels or trims to gain clear access to the dent or ding. This is where…
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Dent removal hand tool

You can judge a worker by their tools!

This is an old saying and we reckon there is a fair bit of truth in it. Our Rocky Mountain paintless dent removal team choose their tools with great care. Among those in regular use are rods, wedges, and whale tails. The name for the last of these often draws a quizzical look – especially…
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Large dents from hail

Protect your car from damage during a hailstorm

There are numerous ways that you can prevent your vehicle from being damaged by hail during a storm: Plan Ahead If you’ll be planning a trip away from home, be sure that you take the time to put a car cover over your vehicle. If you’ll be driving, you may want to adjust your route…
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We are the dent removal experts

Most common causes of car dents

No one likes to deal with car dents, especially if you have made a recent costly automobile purchase. But, alas, much to our chagrin they do occur. Here are the most common causes of car dents: Collisions of shopping carts into parked cars Impacts by leisure equipment such as bicycles, golf balls, and baseball bats…
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Hail damage repairs

Help! My car has hail dents!

Living in the Front Range of Colorado is wonderful in many ways. One of the downsides though is the high frequency of hailstorms. When a severe hailstorm hits, property damage is usually the result. Your car is no exception. If caught in a hailstorm, it’s usually not one or two but a large number of…
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Hail dents can be removed with painless dent repair

Car dents give rise to rust

You may have been caught in a hailstorm or had a shopping cart collide with your car in the parking lot. The result is the same: dents. Unfortunately, if the dent has compromised the paint sealant, rust is inevitable. Maybe it’s no problem if you have an old junker. But if you have a late-model…
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Dangers of using DIY dent removal methods

A danger of DIY dent repair

If your vehicle suffers a fairly minor dent, you’ll appreciate that it’s best to repair it quickly before further – often unseen – damage can be caused. It might seem a minor matter – something you can deal with yourself, using a DIY kit. However, undertaking such a course of action can lead to further…
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Dent removal hand tool

More ways to avoid dents

In a recent blog, we identified tight parking and shopping trolleys as potential causes of dents. Here are three more situations to avoid… Areas where groups of kids (or adults) get together to play ball games. These might be actual courts or pitches, or simply an available space. Under or close to trees – especially…
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Preventing vehicle dents in parking lots

A pair of sensible parking strategies to avoid dents

Dents happen – sometimes unavoidably. However, here are a couple of tips to help reduce the chances of them happening to your car… Avoid tight parking paces. Having an extra fifty yards to walk to the mall entrance from a quiet part of the car park is better than desperately squeezing into a closer space…
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