Removal and repair of dents and dings

Common Causes of Vehicle Dents

We all know that hail will shower our cars in dents, and that we at Rocky Mountain Dent, will fix that damage. But we also fix damages caused by other sources too. Knowing some of the most common causes of dents will help you avoid them in the future. Saving your car and your wallet from some pain that could have been avoided.

Shopping Carts

Of course, shopping carts are a big thing when thinking and talking about dents. These are some of the most common sources of dents that you can experience on a regular day. Most of the time these are accidents, someone leaving a cart alone in the parking lot, and then the wind swinging it into your car is a common situation. You can avoid this unfortunate situation by leaving your car as far back as possible from any and all cart carrels, just be careful about doing this at night and in the winter.

Car Doors

What else will happen when you park at the store? Well, if someone parks next to you, you could end up with a door dent. Hopefully this wasn’t on purpose, but you’ll never be able to know unless you’re there watching it happen. Most of the time these happen either from strong winds that pull the door away from the rider, or they just aren’t paying attention. The best way to avoid these damages. Parking as far away as possible.

Kids and their Toys

It doesn’t matter if it is your kid or the neighbor kid—if you live in an area that has older kids that can play outside together, your car will probably end up with a dent. Recreational equipment like bikes, balls, or whatever, can end up denting the body of your car even if it is hit lightly in comparison to other sources. There is just a magnetic relationship between our cars and those toys that. So how do you avoid this? The only real way to avoid it is by parking your car inside of a personal garage. Even if you cover your car with a protective cover, a ball or a bike can still do damage—you just won’t see it until later.

Rocky Mountain Dent Service Inc. is Denver, Colorado’s best option for repairing all dents that your car could acquire. If you’d like to get an appointment, give us a call—and make sure to check out the other pages of our blog for expert insight and helpful articles about everything we do here.

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