The Paintless Dent Removal Process

The Paintless Dent Removal Process Rocky Mountain Dent DenverHere is a review of the paintless dent removal process by Rocky Mountain Dent Services in Denver. It’s a bit like surgery for your car’s exterior. A highly skilled specialist uses precise implements for a minimally invasive, yet delicate procedure to reach the desired result, a dent-free vehicle.

To understand the process, we wanted to share a quick review of what is involved and perhaps clear up some misconceptions. Take a look below to get a better idea of the paintless dent removal process.

First, we clean the dented area to remove any smears from when the damage occurred. Then, we shine a light so that we can see every detail of the surface. We always choose the least invasive way of getting behind the damage whether it is through the window slot, taillight, headlight, door panel, interior trim or other entry point. Sometimes, we can only access the dent from outside. In this case, we must use other implements to carefully pull the dent out without accessing behind it.

As much as we would like them to, dents do not just “pop out.” It takes a more intense procedure to coax the dents out and return your vehicle to a dent-free state. Instead, we use a variety of specialized hammers and rods with short repetitive movements such as tapping, pushing and pulling and blending. This is where our dent-removal specialists shine. They are meticulous and calculated. Once the dents have been completely removed through this painstaking process, we carefully reinstall any parts and components we had to remove to get to the area.

As you can see, the paintless dent removal process is less extensive and time-consuming as opposed to the traditional route which involves, sanding, priming, repainting and more, and where there is always the chance that the paint color will not be exact. With paintless dent repair, the original quality of your vehicle remains intact as well as any warranties to protect it.

Paintless dent repair will not show up on a Carfax check either. When it does come time to sell or trade in your vehicle, some dealerships will use an electronic paint meter to determine if the paint is original. So paintless dent repair offers one less thing to worry about when selling your car.

There are lots of reasons to choose paintless dent removal over a conventional body shop dent repair. With a faster turnaround, it takes much less time to get your vehicle back dent-free than with a body shop. The average turnaround is about one day or less. The costs are also significantly lower, which is always a bonus, and your insurance may even cover it. Plus, paintless dent repair takes a minimal toll on the environment as opposed to all of the paint and primer chemicals involved in traditional dent repair.

So, make your life easier and choose paintless dent repair instead of going to a body shop. The paintless dent removal process at Rocky Mountain Dent Service is fast, effective, and affordable – with results that will truly make you a believer. Hail dents to minor dings, we’ve got you covered.

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