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Auto Hail Repair Mistakes To Avoid

5 Mistakes to Avoid when Dealing with Hail Damage to Your Vehicle

No vehicle owner wants to deal with hail damage but it’s an unfortunate reality that can happen to just about anyone. If you’ve found yourself with hail damage to your vehicle, the best way to manage the situation is to avoid these mistakes:

Not Taking the Damage Seriously

Even if the hail damage to your vehicle appears minor, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t address it. If you don’t take care of the dents immediately, they can quickly rust and seriously damage the appearance of your vehicle. To avoid that costly problem, deal with hail damage as soon as it occurs.

Trying to Fix Damage Yourself

If your instinct is to repair the vehicle yourself, you should know you’re generally more likely to cause additional damage than fix the initial damage. All of the do-it-yourself paintless dent repair miracle repairs usually make the repair more difficult and ultimately more expensive.  The best person to fix hail damage to your vehicle is a professional auto detailer. Professionals have all the necessary tools and experience to make the repair process go smoothly.


If it hails frequently in your area, you may think your best bet is to wait for the end of hail season to make insurance claims or get repairs. Any time you spend waiting is time that additional, expensive damage can happen to the vehicle. You may end up paying much more if you wait than if you just address the damage when it occurs.

Not Choosing an Auto Detail Company In Denver

While your local body shop may be very qualified in dealing with certain vehicle damage, professional auto detail companies are the best choice for dealing with hail damage. You want the professionals fixing the hail damage on your car to have experience with that kind of work. This will protect the resale value and the overall condition of the vehicle.

Make the Right Choice- Turn to the Professionals

If you find yourself with auto hail damage, turn to Rocky Mountain Dents to fix it. We’ll have your vehicle looking brand new in no time.

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