The Dangers of DIY Dent Removal

Dangers of DIY Dent Removal Rocky Mountain Dent DenverIt’s important to understand the dangers of DIY dent removal before you decide to give it a try. At Rocky Mountain Dent Services in Denver, we want you to have all of the information first so that you can see the many benefits of professional paintless dent repair instead of DIY dent removal.

Pricey Dent Repair Kit

For starters, finding and choosing a relatively decent dent repair kit will be a task all on its own. There is a myriad available, but many are not up to par with the type of work car dent repair requires. The lower the pricing for these DIY dent repair kits, the brighter the red flag should be. A genuine and proper dent repair kit is a finely crafted set of tools with particular uses – the price tag will reflect the quality.

Further Damage

If you decide to skip professional dent repair and take a swing at dent removal yourself, understanding just how to use these dent repair tools is another step in the process. Each instrument in a dent repair kits has a specific use. Professionals spend many hours learning and fine-tuning their skills at using these tools. So, one of the dangers of DIY dent removal is that you will have to “learn on the job” and try not to cause even more damage to your car.


If you think you can save some money by just ignoring the dent, it’s not a good idea. A dent in your vehicle will inevitably lead to rust, and you can imagine what that does to resale value. Done ignore your new dent, get help from a trusted paintless dent repair center like Rocky Mountain Dent Services.

Trade In Value Depreciation

This is an area in which having the professionals provide dent repair will greatly pay off. If and when you plan to sell your car, you are going to have a much easier time at it if you choose paintless dent repair as opposed to trying to DIY dent removal. With paintless dent repair, the original integrity of your vehicle will remain intact and lead to higher resale value.

Insurance Company Recommendation

Most auto insurance companies are on board with paintless dent repair services. They know that it is a much more affordable option and the workmanship level is high. Once again, your vehicles’ resale value will remain higher when you choose paintless dent repair over doing it yourself and it can even turn out better than body shop work.

With a body shop providing the work, the dent repair process is much more involved, it takes more time and unfortunately, they do not always have the perfect paint color on hand. That means, either your body shop dent repair is much more expensive, or the results are less than ideal with an off paint color used. Insurance companies know that PDR is the best option for a lot of dents.

Quick Turn Around

Another desirable reason to choose a professional PDR company instead of a DIY dent repair kit is the quick turnaround. These companies have the staff, tools, and skills needed to get your vehicle back in shape and back to you in record time. Generally, it takes one day or less to have your car back on the road again, looking good.

The team at Rocky Mountain Dent Services in Denver is ready to help you get back on the road again quickly and with beautiful results, all while avoiding the dangers of DIY dent removal. Our paintless dent removal services are an excellent way to save some cash and get what you want quickly.

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